Second investigation at the 45th infantry museum, caught the name of a shadow person Eddie.

My investigation begins at the 45th infantry museum in okc, can’t wait to keep investigating here there are so many mysteries to unlock.

Ever heard of skinwalkers? Well we traveled to a location with a long history of terrifying people of the legend.

One of my favorite locations, Redbud Park in Marlow Oklahoma is steeped in a dark history and corruption.

While staying at a popular motel I decided to pull out the spirit box for some spirit communication, what I got turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

On our way out of Tucker cemetery we got an unexpected surprise, it seems the entities we contacted wanted to leave us a dire message.

House Cleansing Prayer

Heavenly Father, please walk through my house, I give You the keys to every room. Take away all my worries, any illnesses, anything that may have entered that does not belong. Please watch over and assign Your warrior angels to stand guard, and heal my family from any disease, pain, fatigue or discomfort. Also comfort my friends & relatives, wrap them in Your love, in Jesus’ most powerful and precious Name, Amen.